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It eventually dawned on me that we're in the 21st century - I know, it took me a while. To be frank I'd never even thought about owning my own online store - it was just one of those things 'out there' that other people did.

As far as I was concerned my high street store was quite enough. My store is on a side street in the town and I have quite a few loyal customers. Indian government has been streamlining e-commerce and activities related to the same for the past one year. Initially an e-commerce friendly foreign direct investment policy was formulated by Indian government. The same may be accessed at Consolidated FDI Policy Circular Of 2015 By DIPP (pdf). Then guidelines were issued to further clarify the e-commerce related business activities in India. The same can be accessed at Guidelines For Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) On E-Commerce 2016 Series (pdf).

I do work from home last 13 years, in the country where there is much less opportunity then in USA (recession since I was born and thousand other problems). I also work the job (alternative healing) which is unusual, and it needs a lot of effort to promote oneself at this area. Last 8 months I started to earn money online as well, because I moved to another city and I felt that is right thing to do.( Anyhow I am used to work with many nationalities and people from all around the world, so I love it).

The access and registration to this Board is allowed to e-commerce websites alone that have already been established and are operating in India. Our existing e-commerce clients and other clients can contact us for immediate activation of their accounts while the registration request of other e-commerce websites would be duly approved/disapproved by our moderators/administrators. If an e-commerce websites is engaging us for our techno legal services, it would be granted immediate access to this segment at its request.

As online marketing becomes more, and more, a part of our mainstream lives, content optimization becomes increasingly important. You can have the best content out there, but it won't do you any good if no one can find it. Proper content optimization allows search engines to find your content, and by extension, your business. To take full advantage of your content, be sure to optimize your text. You will do this through use of title tags, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, and keyword rich URLs. Image optimization is also very important. Using tags for images allows the images to be searchable as well.

Mobile games have also become popular world over, including India. The market size for online games and mobile games is tremendous.

There are very few players as on date in the mobile gaming industry of India. However, these players have to resolve many techno legal issues before they can establish their businesses in India.

These include mobile payment compliances , payment gateway and POS terminal service due diligence , websites development compliances , Internet intermediary obligations , cyber law due diligence (PDF), etc. Presently many mobile application developers are violating Indian laws and may be prosecuted in the near future.