Alibaba Buys Rocket Internet's Pakistan Ecommerce Platform Daraz

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  • Other online commerce includes trading of stocks, purchasesof airline tickets and groceries, and participation inauctions. Everyone has heard of Millions of peopleevery day participate in eBay auctions. People can doresearch of the online markets and easily find the best dealon their product without any legwork. In addition topurchasing, people can set up their own e-commerce storeseasily. If you have a product, want to sell a hobby such asneedlework, or if you have a service to offer, you can reacha much greater crowd by opening an online store.

  • What we can observe from our surroundings in the recent history of 30 years is a tremendous breakthrough in international trade and application of technology building it more and more advanced. The fundamentals of e-commerce initiated developing for the first time when students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University tried to sell cannabis through an online platform. During the era, since it was one of the new ideas implemented, it led to controversy and was restricted only to products that are less observed in the market openly. Today, it is one of the most preferred practices of retailers and organization of every size and for every kind of business. With e-commerce rapidly becoming popular among customers, there has been a pattern observed in the trading that depends on several factors. All these factors require the attention of business owners as well as the e-commerce development service.

  • Effective and timely dispute resolution is sine quo non for ease of doing business in any country. India has been facing the problem of mammoth backlog of legal cases that has overburdened the Indian judiciary to the extent of almost collapse. This scenario is going to worsen in near future as Indian government has been encouraging projects like digital India, make in India, startups India, etc. As these fields are new, they would give rise to litigation on the one hand and lack of knowledge about these techno legal issues on the part of lawyers and judges on the other hand.

  • Make it known that you are out there. Issue multiple press releases on interesting services offered on your site. Ensure that you have Unique Differentiation Content and Services, which you can advertise. Send out your custom press releases to editors in your value target. If you are selling something, or if you are providing a service (ie. discount travel packages) contact both print-magazine, newspaper editors. As well as web-guide, online based guides, and portals, as well as relevant e-zines. Relevant meaning, the majority audiences of which match your value target.